Reptiles & Amphibians - Enforcement and Penalties - Delaware

Whoever violates this chapter shall for each offense be fined not more than $500, imprisoned not more than 30 days, or both. Justices of the peace shall have jurisdiction over offenses under this chapter.

Citation: 3 Del. C. § 7203.

(a) No person shall wilfully obstruct or impede the participation of any individual in:

(1) The lawful taking of fish, crabs, oysters, clams or frogs...

(b) Whoever violates this section shall be guilty of a class B environmental misdemeanor.

(c) Hunting, trapping or fishing activities while trespassing upon the private lands of another person, persons or corporation shall not be considered lawful hunting, trapping or fishing activities for purposes of this section.

(d) The conduct declared unlawful in this section shall not include any incidental interference arising from lawful activities normally conducted within the general area.

(e) This section shall not apply to law-enforcement personnel acting in the lawful performance of their duties.

Citation: 7 Del. C. § 724.

(a)...Frogs may be hunted on foot or from a boat at nighttime during open season with an artificial light...

Citation: 7 Del. C. § 722.

...(b) No person shall have in possession any game fish during the closed season for said fish, whether the same shall have been taken within or without the State, and no person shall at any time of the year barter, sell, offer for sale or buy any game birds, game animals or game fish protected by the laws of this State, and killed or caught either lawfully or unlawfully within or without this State, except always the muskrat, the snapping turtle and the diamond back terrapin trade during the seasons when it is lawful to have said animals and their meat in possession, and trading at any and all times in muskrat skins and other skins and in terrapin of lawful size which have been lawfully taken...

(c) No person shall knowingly have in possession any game birds, animals or fish which have been unlawfully killed or taken, except when confiscated by the Department and when in the possession of the Department or when in the possession of those to whom the Department has given them.

(d) Whoever violates this section shall be guilty of a class C environmental violation for each offense. In addition to being fined and/or imprisoned, the violator shall be fined $25 for each game bird, game fish and game animal caught or killed illegally, purchased or offered to purchase, sold, offered for sale, bartered or exchanged, or taken or killed or found in possession in excess of the bag or creel limit.

Citation: 7 Del. C. § 715.