Often, we feel stuck. We have a sense of the direction in which we would like to move with the challenges we face, but there seem to be obstacles hindering our progress. A natural tendency is to focus on external obstacles when often the biggest challenge is ourselves. A coaching conversation generates the ability for the client to consider their challenges from different perspectives; to better understand their default ways of showing up; to consider why they are moving in a specific direction; and how to explore alternative pathways.

The MAT is now extending Leadership Coaching at the following opportunities:

(Initial session is to get acclimated with your coach and the role of coaching. This session is always free and not part of the 5 sessions mentioned below).

Up to 5 Free Sessions with any registered & attended MAT course or webinar in 2024, or

5 Sessions @ $60 per session with a coach of your preference

Conversations are completely confidential between coach & client.

Meet the Coaches

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Bettina is a lifelong resident of Martinsburg, WV. She started her career as an RN and worked in various roles in the healthcare industry. She also has degrees in Communication, Counseling, and her doctorate in  Educational Leadership. She is a lifelong learner and most recently graduated from Georgetown University's  Leadership Coaching Certificate Program. When not reading, Bettina spends time with her husband Bill and three furry friends (Tangerine, Nemo, & Halo). Bettina also enjoys traveling and acting in community theatre.




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Dale Caveny grew up near Kings Mountain, North Carolina. His childhood days were filled with ramblings in the fields and woods near his home. There he developed a love of the natural world and experienced it through hunting, fishing, and camping. This love and appreciation of the outdoors led him to a 30-year career in law enforcement with the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC).  He retired in 2014. His coaching certification is through Kansas Leadership Center. He is a trustee with the Blue Ridge Conservancy and is committed to conserving land for public assess. Dale enjoys writing, hiking, fishing, kayaking and squirrel hunting with his two Feist dogs. He has a special interest in Appalachian culture, storytelling and leadership development. 



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