MAT On-Demand

MAT's on-demand products are available for free anytime, anywhere. These short but dynamic lessons are designed to offer learners a content-packed learning experience in one hour or less. Click the desired title below to access the On-Demand video/lesson. 

The following are available: 

  • #ResponsibleRecreation - This 17 minute webinar covers the #ResponsibleRecreation campaign and guides viewers on how to improve their relationship with nature.

  • Self-care and Compassion - This 25 minute webinar discusses the importance of self-care and our daily needs to process current stressors. We will also explore the range of emotions affecting us and use compassion and encouragement as a move to action. 

  • Team-care and Compassion - This 20 minute webinar covers the importance of team-care and how to best support others dealing with current stressors. Compassion and encouragement will be used as the focus to help us move to action. 

  • Supervisory Skills 101 - This one-hour webinar offers supervisors a different framework on how to manage high-middle-low performers from hire to retire through dialogue and documentation.

  • Power of Empowerment - This 30 minute webinar discusses the five levels of leadership and how, through empowerment, greater results can be achieved for the individual, team, department, agency, and more!

  • Adaptive Leadership Skill Builders - The 5 Principles of Adaptive Leadership. Short videos and an infographic are included. 

  • Adaptive Leadership Skill Builders - Technical versus Adaptive. Lesson plan and an infographic are included. 


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