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Because we believe that the health and sustainability of North America’s natural resources rests in the hands of the individuals and mat-team-logo.pngorganizations who manage them, the Management Assistance Team (MAT) aspires to further the conservation goals of state fish and wildlife agencies through organizational and leadership development of agency staff at all levels. With the support of our world-class leadership development programs, and through the inter-organizational partnerships we help to forge, state fish and wildlife agencies will be able to navigate change successfully, and respond immediately and effectively to shifting natural, political, and economic conditions.

who we are 

The Management Assistance Team (MAT) is part of the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. We provide leadership and organizational development to state fish and wildlife agencies and other AFWA member organizations. 

Our National Faculty staff members are integral to our training program. They hail from diverse geographical and organizational backgrounds.

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  • Cultivating Wellbeing-centric Capacity
  • Elevating Meetings
  • Inclusive Leadership: Creating Brave Spaces
  • Great Presentations with PowerPoint
  • Adaptive Leadership Principles
  • Conservation Communication Strategies
  • Reflections on Agency Management

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