Did you know that Project WILD has activities specifically aligned to archery education? Check out this list and take a Flying WILD online course today!

Activity Description: Play a putting game and experience the difficulties that threatened and endangered birds face.  
Potential Archery Connection: This activity could be adapted so rather than putting a golf ball to hit targets representing habitat components, students are shooting arrows at targets labeled food, water, shelter, and space.  

Activity Description: Demonstrate the importance of stereoscopic vision for birds of prey, with three activities. 
Potential Archery Connection: Rather than throwing a football through a tire as a means to demonstrate the advantage of a predator’s binocular (also known as “stereoscopic” or 
“triangulated”) vision, have students shoot an arrow or similar type of padded projectile with both eyes open, and with one eye open. Discussion could be also linked to best practices for archery—both eyes open for better depth perception.  

Current Activity Description: Play ring toss to learn about the pathways that waterfowl take between summer and winter homes. 
Potential Archery Connection: Rather than tossing rings, students could shoot projectiles with a bow. Hitting the target would represent success as a bird in locating stop-over habitat during migration.  

Activity Description: Model the shape of a bird’s wing to observe what enables birds to fly. 
Potential Archery Connection: This activity could include a special STEM extension on the use of bird feathers in the production of arrows. How do bird feathers help arrows fly? 

Click here to view a PDF of the activities aligned with archery education.