Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Membership categories?
The Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies has seven defined membership categories.

  • Governmental Members
  • Regional Association Members
  • Affiliate Members
  • Contributing Members
  • Associate Members
  • Life Members
  • Honorary Life Members

All applications for AFWA Membership are subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.

What is the cost of Membership?
There are no initiation fees, but all members of the Association (except Honorary Life Members) pay specific, category-level dues annually.

When are Membership fees due?
The Association’s membership year is January through December. Annual dues are invoiced in early October. If dues aren’t paid in full by January 1, the member may lose voting privileges. For new members, dues are payable for the remaining calendar year and thereafter, an invoice will be sent in October.

Has my Membership been renewed?
Your membership is renewed upon payment of annual dues. If you have paid your dues, but continue to receive renewal notices; contact the Association at to confirm your status.

How do I report a change of address? 
Changes to your member profile may be sent to the Association by email, fax or mail:


Fax: 202/350-9869

Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies
1100 First Street NE
Suite 825
Washington, DC 20002

You may also speak with an AFWA representative by calling 202- 838-3474.

Are Memberships transferable?
Individual memberships are non-transferable.

Do you offer gift Memberships?
Thank a colleague, mark a special occasion or for any reason, you can give a gift Associate Membership to an individual. Membership qualifications apply. If you would like to pledge a gift Membership, email for more information.

Can I contribute to the Association in other ways besides Membership?
Yes, you can make a donation to America’s Wildlife Association for Resource Education (AWARE), AFWA’s 501 (c)3 foundation. One hundred percent of contributions to AWARE go to help educate children and adults about conservation and professional fish and wildlife management.

If you have additional questions about AFWA Membership, email or call 202-838-3474.