The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Strongly Opposes Legislation Attempting Repeal of Pittman-Robertson Excise Taxes
Jul 13, 2022, 9:59 AM
Across the country, State Fish and Wildlife agencies stand on the front lines of conservation, and effectively use Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration funds as an indispensable part of their budgets to conserve wildlife and fisheries, restore habitat, provide shooting ranges, and connect people with nature. These funds, generated through a 10-11 percent federal excise tax on firearms and ammunition through the Pittman-Robertson Act, have generated $15 billion for conservation since the law was enacted in 1937. In 2022 alone, State Fish and Wildlife Agencies received a record $1.1 billion in funding through the Pittman-Robertson Act to support state and local outdoor recreational opportunities, and wildlife and habitat conservation efforts.
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