Create a concept map to evaluate various energy sources, then advocate for an assigned form of energy production during a simulated city council meeting.

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Energy Source Information Sheet

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Effective Climate Change Education (Appendix)
Example of Hierarchical Concept Map 
Instructions for Developing a Hierarchical Concept Map 

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Energy Research and Education Mapping Tool
Wind Turbine “How to”
Solar Cell/Panel “How to” 

Solutions for wind turbines and bat mortality

Energy Literacy Videos 
U.S. EPA’s “Power Profiler” 
U.S. Energy Information Administration: U.S. electricity generation by energy source  
Impact of Wind Turbines on wildlife

WILD Work Job Profiles and Videos

Renewable Energy Technician  A Job Description for a Renewable Energy Technician 
Solar Installer and Wind Energy Technician

Hydroelectric Plant Technician