Design and conduct an experiment to investigate soil types and organisms found in soil.

In Step with STEM Resources
Soil Testing

Global Learning and Observation to Benefit the Environment

GLOBE Teacher's Guide to Soil 

Smithsonian Soil Exhibition

“Layering the Soil” Activity in Science & Civics--Sustaining Wildlife:  Curriculum & Activity Guide for Grades 9-12

WILD Work Job Profiles and Videos
Soil Scientist

USDA Careers in Soil Science

Soil Science Society of America

Wetlands Scientist


What Does a Wetlands Scientist Do?

Land Use Planner

Environmental Science: What Does a Land Use Planner Do?

County Assessor and Appraiser

Who Are Appraisers? - Riley County Appraisers

Appraising vs. Assessing

Environmental Remediation Specialist

United States Department of Labor: Careers in Environmental Remediation


Nutrilite Farms: Life in the Soil

Green Careers: Sustainable Agriculture