Interpret student-page maps & scenarios to evaluate how habitat fragmentation affects wildlife, then compare and contrast aerial photographs to consider how changes in land use affect ecosystems.

Student Pages
Student Reference Sheet A
Student Reference Sheet B
Wood Thrush Creek Scenario: A
Wood Thrush Creek Scenario: B
Species Inventory

WILD Work Job Profiles and Videos

Balancing Conservation and Development: Wildlife Matters by Nature Wise

Field Works: Meet a Parks Canada Ecologist

A Career in Ecology - Frankie Clare IoZ PhD Student 

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Field Work: Meet a Parks Canada Ecologist


Nature Works Everywhere

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NOAA: OceanAGE Career Profile

NOAA: OceanAGE Career Profile

Urban Planner

What is Urban Planning?

Sustainability Degrees

Landscape Architect

Landscape Engineer: Job Description, Duties, and Requirements

Your Path to Landscape Architecture

Become a Landscape Architect

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