Endangered Species - Statement of Policy - Pennsylvania

It is hereby determined and declared as a matter of legislative finding that there are numerous flora and fauna, including those rare or endangered, which are not commonly pursued, killed or consumed either for sport or profit, that such species are in need of more active management and that it is in the public interest to preserve and enhance such species for the benefit of all. Therefore, it is the purpose of this act to: (1) Further provide for such species so as to enhance the constitutional rights guaranteed in section 27, Article 1 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. (2) Provide a means for the citizens of the Commonwealth to support the management of our wild resource by establishing a voluntary contribution system on State income tax return forms. (3) Promote the cooperation of the Department of Environmental Resources, Pennsylvania Fish Commission and Pennsylvania Game Commission in the management of our wild resource. (4) Establish an interagency Wild Resource Conservation Board to channel that cooperation, promote the voluntary contribution system and administer the program. (5) Establish and promote a cooperative Statewide system of private wild plant sanctuaries in order to maintain, protect and, to the extent possible, enhance wild plant numbers. (6) Conserve and protect wild plant species recognized as endangered, threatened or vulnerable. (7) Conduct an investigation to determine the status of wild plants, classify wild plants indigenous to or found in the Commonwealth and provide for their protection. (8) Create a permit procedure for persons interested in wild plant management and a commercial license procedure for persons who purchase vulnerable plants with the intent to sell all or any part thereof.;

Citation: 32 P.S. § 5302;