Endangered Species - Statement of Policy - Mississippi

The Legislature finds and declares all of the following: (a) That it is the policy of the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks to manage certain nongame wildlife for human enjoyment, for scientific purposes, and to insure their perpetuation as members of ecosystems(,) (b) That species or subspecies of wildlife indigenous to this state which may be found to be endangered within the state should be accorded protection in order to maintain and to the extent possible enhance their numbers(,) (c) That the state should assist in the protection of species or subspecies of wildlife which are deemed to be endangered by prohibiting the taking, possession, transportation, exportation, processing, sale or offer for sale or shipment within this state of species or subspecies of wildlife listed on the United States' Lists of Endangered Fish and Wildlife as set forth herein unless such actions will assist in preserving or propagating the species or subspecies(,) and (d) That funding may be made available to the department annually by appropriations from the General Fund or from other sources separate and apart from the Fisheries and Wildlife Fund for management of nongame and endangered species.;

Citation: Miss. Code Ann. § 49-5-103;