Endangered Species - Statement of Policy - Delaware

The General Assembly finds and declares: (1) It is in the best interest of the State to preserve and enhance the diversity and abundance of nongame fish and wildlife, and to protect the habitat and natural areas harboring rare and vanishing species of fish, wildlife, plants and areas of unusual scientific significance or having unusual importance to the survival of Delaware's native fish, wildlife and plants in their natural environments. (2) Rare and endangered species are a public trust in need of active, protective management, and that it is in the broad public interest to preserve and enhance such species. (3) Historically fish and wildlife conservation programs have focused on the more recreationally and commercially important species and consequently, such programs have been financed largely by hunting and fishing license revenues and by the federal assistance based on excise taxes on certain hunting and fishing equipment. These traditional financing mechanisms are neither adequate nor fully appropriate to meet the needs of all fish and wildlife. (4) It is the policy of the State to enable and encourage taxpayers voluntarily to support nongame fish and wildlife, nongame habitat and natural areas preservation programs, including rare plants protection, through contributions designated on state income tax forms.;

Citation: 7 Del.C. § 201;