Endangered Species - Protections and Prohibited Actions - New Mexico

...C. Except as otherwise provided in the Wildlife Conservation Act, it is unlawful for any person to take, possess, transport, export, process, sell or offer for sale or ship any species of wildlife appearing on any of the following lists:

(1) the list of wildlife indigenous to the state determined to be endangered within the state as set forth by regulations of the commission; and

(2) the United States lists of endangered native and foreign fish and wildlife as set forth in Section 4 of the Endangered Species Act of 19731 as endangered or threatened species, but only to the extent that those lists are adopted for this purpose by regulations of the commission...

Citation: N. M. S. A. 1978, § 17-2-41.

...L. “take” or “taking” means to harass, hunt, capture or kill any wildlife or attempt to do so...

Citation: N. M. S. A. 1978, § 17-2-38.

A. The director shall establish such programs, including programs for research and the acquisition of land or aquatic habitat, as authorized and deemed necessary by the commission for the management of endangered species.

B. In carrying out programs authorized by the Wildlife Conservation Act, the director may enter into agreements with federal agencies, political subdivisions of the state or with private persons for administration and management of any program established under this section or utilized for management of endangered species...

Citation: N. M. S. A. 1978, § 17-2-42.

In addition to other powers and duties, the director:

A. may acquire land or aquatic habitat interests for the conservation, management, restoration, propagation and protection of threatened or endangered species; and

B. shall conduct studies to determine the status and requirements for survival of threatened or endangered species.

Citation: N. M. S. A. 1978, § 17-2-44.

...C. The department shall establish a program necessary for the conservation of listed endangered plant species. That program shall include research, census, law enforcement, habitat maintenance, propagation and transplantation. As used in this section, law enforcement shall be defined to be law enforcement for purposes of enforcement of the prohibition against taking, possession, transportation, exportation from this state, processing, sale or offer for sale or shipment within this state of listed plants or plant materials...

F. The department may enter into agreements with federal agencies, other states, agencies or political subdivisions of the state, or with individuals for administration and management of any program established under this section.

Citation: N. M. S. A. 1978, § 75-6-1.

...B. Water and water rights in the strategic water reserve shall be used to:...

(2) assist the state and water users in water management efforts for the benefit of threatened or endangered species or in a program intended to avoid additional listings of species. Management of water pursuant to this subsection shall be done in conjunction with collaborative programs or processes where they exist. Use of the strategic water reserve pursuant to this paragraph shall be limited to aquatic or obligate riparian species...

Citation: N. M. S. A. 1978, § 72-14-3.3.

In the event the jaguar is de-listed as a federal endangered species, the department of game and fish shall prohibit the taking, possession and sale of jaguars or parts thereof.

Citation: N. M. S. A. 1978, § 17-2-4.1.