Endangered Species - Protections and Prohibited Actions - Nevada

...Any species declared to be threatened with extinction shall be placed on the list of fully protected species, and no member of its kind may be removed or destroyed at any time by any means except under special permit issued by the State Forester Firewarden.

Citation: N.R.S. 527.270.

The Governor shall review the programs which the Governor administers and, to the extent practicable, utilize such programs in furtherance of the purpose of NRS 527.260 to 527.300, inclusive, and shall encourage other state and federal agencies to use their authorities in such a manner.

Citation: N.R.S. 527.290.

In carrying out the program authorized by NRS 527.260 to 527.300, inclusive, the State Forester Firewarden, subject to the approval of the Director of the State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, shall cooperate, to the maximum extent practicable, with other states and with the counties in the State of Nevada, and may enter into agreements with such other states and counties and with other legal entities for the administration and management of any area established pursuant to NRS 527.260 to 527.300, inclusive, for the conservation, protection, restoration and propagation of species of native flora which are threatened with extinction.

Citation: N.R.S. 527.300.

...3. The Commission may award a grant of money from the Account for Off-Highway Vehicles created by NRS 490.069. Any such grant must comply with the requirements set forth in NRS 490.069. The Commission shall:

(a) Adopt regulations setting forth who may apply for a grant of money from the Account for Off-Highway Vehicles and the manner in which such a person an applicant may submit the application to the Commission. The regulations adopted pursuant to this paragraph must include, without limitation, requirements that:...

(2) The application for the grant address all applicable laws and regulations, including, without limitation, those concerning:

(I) Threatened and endangered species in the area affected by the project...

Citation: N.R.S. 490.068.

1. Unless a longer time is provided in an agreement entered into pursuant to NRS 278.0201:...

(c) The time limits set forth in NRS 278.010 to 278.630, inclusive, for tentative and final maps are suspended for a period, not to exceed 1 year, during which this State or the Federal Government takes any action to protect the environment or an endangered species which prohibits, stops or delays the processing of a tentative map or the development, processing or recordation of a final map...

Citation: N.R.S. 278.350.