Endangered Species - Protections and Prohibited Actions - Guam

With respect to any threatened or endangered species of plants or wildlife of Guam and the United States, it is unlawful, except as provided herein, for any person or organization, subject to the jurisdiction of Guam to:
(a) import or export any such species to or from Guam and its territory;
(b) take any such species within Guam and its territory;
(c) possess, process, sell or offer for sale, deliver, carry, transport or ship, by any means whatsoever, any such species; provided that any person who has in his possession such plants or wildlife at the time this provision is enacted into law, may retain, process, or otherwise dispose of those plants or wildlife already in his possession. 
(d) violate any regulation or rule pertaining to the conservation, protection, enhancement or management of any designated threatened or endangered species. 

Citation: Guam Code Ann. § 63206