Endangered Species - Protections and Prohibited Actions - Georgia

...(e) It shall be unlawful for a taxidermist to possess or mount any game species for which there is no open season or any endangered, rare, threatened, or unusual species without obtaining a special permit from the department. There shall be no charge for such permit...

Citation: Ga. Code Ann., § 27-2-9.

No person within this state shall sell or offer for sale, for any purpose, any protected species unless such species was grown on private land and is being sold by the landowner or with the permission of the landowner.

Citation: Ga. Code Ann., § 12-6-174.

No person within this state shall transport, carry, or otherwise convey any protected species from the land of another unless each shipment thereof has affixed thereto a tag supplied by the department showing that the person so transporting, carrying, or conveying such protected species has removed such specimen from the private lands of another person with the permission of such other person and has a written document in his possession evidencing such permission and further evidencing that such specimen has not been sold in violation of Code Section 12-6-174.

Citation: Ga. Code Ann., § 12-6-175.