Endangered Species - Permitting Process - Minnesota

...Subd. 7. (a) The commissioner may issue permits and prescribe conditions for an act otherwise prohibited by subdivision 1 if:

(1) the act is for the purpose of zoological, educational, or scientific study;

(2) the act enhances the propagation or survival of the affected species; 

(3) the act prevents injury to persons or property; or

(4) the social and economic benefits of the act outweigh the harm caused by it.

(b) The commissioner may issue a general permit to a governmental subdivision or to the general public to conduct one or more acts described in paragraph (a).

(c) A member of an endangered species may not be destroyed under paragraph (a), clause (3) or (4), until all alternatives, including live trapping and transplantation, have been evaluated and rejected. The commissioner may prescribe conditions to propagate a species or subspecies.

(d) A person may capture or destroy a member of an endangered species, without permit, to avoid an immediate and demonstrable threat to human life or property.

(e) The commissioner must give approval under this subdivision for forest management, including permit, sale, or lease of land for timber harvesting...

Citation: M.S.A. § 84.0895.