Endangered Species - Listing Authority and Process - South Dakota

On the basis of determinations pursuant to § 34A-8-2 the Game, Fish and Parks Commission shall promulgate a list of those species of wildlife which are determined to be endangered or threatened within the state. The Game, Fish and Parks Commission shall make these determinations on the basis of the best scientific, commercial, and other data available to them and after consultation, as appropriate, with federal agencies, other interested state agencies, other states having a common interest in the species and interested persons and organizations.

Citation: SDCL § 34A-8-3.

The Game, Fish and Parks Commission shall conduct a review of the state list of endangered and threatened species within the period ending July 3, 1979, and every two years thereafter and may amend the list by appropriate additions or deletions.

Citation: SDCL § 34A-8-4.

The Game, Fish and Parks Commission may not add a species to nor remove a species from any list pursuant to § 34A-8-3 or 34A-8-4, until it has:

(1) Published a public notice of such proposed action; 

(2) Notified the Governor of any state sharing a common border with this state and in which the subject species is known to exist that such action is being proposed; 

(3) Allowed at least thirty days following publication for comment from public and other interested parties.

Citation: SDCL § 34A-8-5.

The Department of Game, Fish and Parks and the Department of Agriculture shall perform those acts necessary for the conservation, management, protection, restoration, and propagation of endangered, threatened, and nongame species of wildlife.

Citation: SDCL § 34A-8-6.