Endangered Species - Listing Authority and Process - Indiana

Sec. 10. On the basis of:

(1) investigations on nongame species required by section 7 of this chapter; and

(2) other available scientific and commercial data; 

and after consultation with other state wildlife agencies, appropriate federal agencies, and other interested persons and organizations, the director shall adopt rules to propose a list of those species and subspecies of wildlife indigenous to Indiana that are determined to be endangered in Indiana, giving the common and scientific names by species and subspecies.

Citation: IC 14-22-34-10.

Sec. 11. (a) The director:

(1) shall conduct a review of the state list of endangered species at least every two (2) years; and

(2) may amend the list by the additions or deletions that are considered appropriate by adopting rules under IC 4–22–2.

(b) The director shall submit to the governor a summary report of the data used in support of all amendments to the state list during the preceding biennium.

Citation: IC 14-22-34-11.

Sec. 13. If in the determination of the director a species: (1) should be designated endangered(,) and (2) has not been designated endangered by the federal government; the director may adopt rules to make the addition, whether or not a species or subspecies indigenous to Indiana is involved, under section 12 of this chapter.

Citation: IC 14-22-34-13.