Endangered Species - Habitat Provisions - Wisconsin

...(2) Notwithstanding ss. 66.1037 and 86.03, and subject to sub. (2m), upon application, the department shall issue permits to sign owners for the trimming or removal of vegetation that is located in the right-of-way of a highway under the jurisdiction of the department for maintenance purposes and that obstructs a sign if, within a distance of 500 continuous feet along any portion of the viewing zone, any portion of the face of the sign is not viewable because of an obstruction to sight by vegetation in the highway right-of-way...

(b) The department may impose on a permit under this section any condition or restriction determined to be necessary or suitable by the department if the permit application seeks authorization for the trimming or removal of vegetation at or with respect to any of the following:...

2. A location that is part of a known habitat of endangered species or threatened species under s. 29.604...

Citation: W.S.A. 84.305.

(1) Except as provided in sub. (3), at least 12 months before filing an application for a mining permit under s. 295.47, a person proposing to engage in a mining project shall notify the department and the U.S. army corps of engineers in writing of the intention to file an application for a mining permit. After receiving the notification, the department shall hold at least one meeting with the person to make a preliminary assessment of the project's scope, to make an analysis of alternatives, to identify potential interested persons, and to ensure that the person making the proposal is aware of all of the following:

(a) The approvals, including the filing requirements for the approvals, that the person may be required to obtain for the mining project.

(b) The requirements for submission of an environmental impact report and for submission of any other information required by the department to prepare an environmental impact statement under s. 295.53.

(c) The information the department will require to enable the department to process the application for the mining permit in a timely manner.

(2) Within 60 days of a meeting under sub. (1), the department shall provide all of the following to the person:

(a) A detailed written summary of the requirements under sub. (1)(a) to (c).

(b) Any available information relevant to the potential impacts of the mining project on rare, threatened, or endangered species and historic or cultural resources and any other information relevant to potential impacts that may occur from the project that are required to be considered under s. 1.11.

(c) Available information to evaluate the environmental impact of the project and to expedite the preparation of the environmental impact report and the environmental impact statement, including information concerning preliminary environmental reviews, field studies, and investigations; monitoring programs to establish baseline water quality; laboratory studies and investigations; advisory services; and the timing and the processes associated with any necessary consultations with other state or federal agencies and within the department, such as those required for endangered resources and cultural resource consultations and approvals...

Citation: W.S.A. 295.465.

Prior to the initial acquisition of any lands by the department after July 1, 1977, for any new facility or project, the proposed initial acquisition shall be submitted to the governor for his or her approval. New facilities or projects include, without limitation because of enumeration, state parks, state forests, recreation areas, public shooting, trapping or fishing grounds or waters, fish hatcheries, game farms, forest nurseries, experimental stations, endangered species preservation areas, picnic and camping grounds, hiking trails, cross-country ski trails, bridle trails, nature trails, bicycle trails, snowmobile trails, youth camps, land in the lower Wisconsin state riverway as defined in s. 30.40(15), natural areas and wild rivers.

Citation: W.S.A. 23.14.