Endangered Species - Habitat Provisions - Puerto Rico

(dd) Natural habitat.-- Tracts of land whose ecological conditions allow the existence and reproduction of wildlife populations. Urbanized lands are excluded. Includes but is not limited to forests, wetlands, and grassland prairies, among others. (ee) Critical natural habitat.-- Specific tracts of land within a geographical area where a species designated as vulnerable or endangered may be found or reintroduced and whose physical or biological characteristics are essential for the conservation of the species and require special protection or management. (ff) Critical natural habitat essential to vulnerable or endangered species.-- Any habitat necessary for the survival of vulnerable or endangered species whose characteristics appear only in a particular area of Puerto Rico. (gg) Habitat modification.-- Any manmade change in the natural habitat which kills or affects native and migratory wildlife or which could cause those effects by altering its shelter or its essential patterns of normal behavior, such as reproduction and feeding.

Citation: P.R. Code Ann. tit. 12, § 107(dd)-(gg)