Endangered Species - Habitat Provisions - Indiana

Sec. 6. Coal exploration may not disturb the following: (1) Habitats of unique or unusually high value for fish and wildlife and other related environmental values. (2) Critical habitats of threatened or endangered species.; Sec. 13. The department shall use the fund, in accordance with this chapter, to acquire natural areas by purchase, gift, or reimbursement to complete the state nature preserve system. A site may not be acquired as part of the campaign that has not been approved for registry. In addition, in making the determination as to whether particular sites of natural interest will be acquired as part of the campaign, the department shall consider whether the site: . . . (2) is habitat for native plant or animal species classified as endangered or threatened by the division of nature preserves and the Indiana heritage program;

Citation: IC 14-34-9-6; IC 14-31-2-13;