Endangered Species - Funding Provisions - Puerto Rico

A special fund to be known as the Special Fund for Wildlife Management, is hereby created to be administered by the Department in benefit of all wildlife resources. The amounts collected on account of the license and permit fees and the stamps established in this chapter, as well as those collected on account of the fines, donations and interest, shall be covered into the Fund and be mainly used to operate the licensing, permit, hunter education and surveillance programs as well as the program for the administration of hunting activities and for providing information regarding this chapter and its regulations as well as research programs for the protection and management of wildlife resources pursuant to the Fishing and Wildlife Resources Management Plan of the Fishing and Wildlife Bureau and the federal act known as the "Wildlife Restoration Act". The Secretary shall be appointed as wildlife trustee and custodian and as such may initiate civil actions to claim compensation for damages.

Citation: P.R. Code Ann. tit. 12, § 107u