Endangered Species - Funding Provisions - New Hampshire

On the effective date of this chapter with the exception of the expenditures that are then authorized from the fish and game fund, no funds used to carry out the provisions of this chapter shall be derived from license fees of hunters, fishermen, trappers or from taxes on the sale of the equipment to hunters, fishermen or trappers unless the species for which the funds are expended have been legally hunted, fished or trapped within the previous 5-year period.

Citation: N.H. Rev. Stat. § 212-A:15.

...III. The department is authorized to receive and expend funds, donations, grants, or other moneys, gifts, or bequests not exceeding $5,000, or exceeding $5,000 with the approval of the governor and council, to accomplish the purposes of this chapter...

Citation: N.H. Rev. Stat. § 217-A:6.

I. The commissioner may charge a fee for screening department records for instances of protected species or environmental review, for using inventory and information services, and for publications and reports to recover the costs of providing products and services and a reasonable portion of the costs associated with building and maintaining the database.

II. Fees shall be sufficient to cover the costs of providing services and producing and providing products authorized by this chapter.

III. Fees shall be fixed in a schedule prepared and revised as necessary by the natural heritage bureau, approved by the commissioner, and established in rules adopted pursuant to RSA 541-A. The fees charged under this paragraph shall be deposited in the fund established in paragraph IV.

IV. There is hereby established in the office of the state treasurer a fund to be known as the natural heritage bureau fund. Moneys collected under this section and RSA 217-A:6, III shall be deposited in this fund. The fund shall be nonlapsing and continually appropriated to the commissioner for the purposes of providing environmental reviews, for the costs of providing publications or reports to the public, for the costs of providing inventory and information services, and to accomplish the purposes of this chapter.

 Citation: N.H. Rev. Stat. § 217-A:7-a.

I. There is established a revolving fund to be known as the publications, specialty items and fund raising revolving fund in the fish and game department. The revolving fund shall be used for the purpose of producing, purchasing or marketing publications and specialty items which shall be offered to the public at a reasonable charge. All income from the sale of such publications and items shall be deposited into the special fund.


(a) The fish and game department may promote, market or otherwise engage in fund raising activities for any special account including, but not limited to, the endangered and nongame species management programs established in RSA 212-A and RSA 212-B, respectively, and any other program intended to educate, protect, restore, enhance or promote department responsibilities.

(b) The proceeds from such fund raising activities shall be deposited to the respective special accounts of the programs listed in subparagraph (a), or any other such programs established after July 1, 1992.

(c) The executive director may transfer funds from any of the respective accounts of the programs listed in subparagraph (a) or any other such programs established after July 1, 1992. The transfer of such funds for the purposes of this paragraph shall be authorized notwithstanding any exclusive use or dedicated purpose stated in the subaccount of any such program. The respective subaccounts are hereby appropriated for such purpose...

Citation: N.H. Rev. Stat. § 206:22-a.