Endangered Species - Funding Provisions - Minnesota

...Subd. 6. The commissioner must pursue federal reimbursement for any compensation payment issued under this section while:

(1) the United States Fish and Wildlife Service lists the Minnesota population of gray wolves as endangered and threatened wildlife under the federal Endangered Species Act; or

(2) the federal government otherwise prohibits livestock producers from protecting their livestock from wolf depredation.

Citation: M.S.A. § 3.737.

Subdivision 1. To ensure educational opportunities provided by Minnesota scientific and natural areas as described in section 86A.05, subdivision 5, are adequately available for present and future generations, the proceeds received under Laws 1986, chapter 449, sections 1 to 3 that are credited to the land acquisition account under section 94.165 must be spent on scientific and natural areas.

Subd. 2.

(a) A natural areas legacy endowment account is established in the state treasury. The commissioner of natural resources shall accept private contributions for educational opportunities provided by scientific and natural areas and deposit the contributions in the account. The principal deposited in the account shall be retained in the endowment account.

(b) The interest from the principal may be spent by the commissioner of natural resources for the protection, management, and inventory of lands with rare and endangered species or undisturbed plant communities that qualify as state scientific and natural areas under section 86A.05, subdivision 5.

Citation: M.S.A. § 92.69.