Endangered Species - Funding Provisions - Illinois

§ 10. The Endangered and Threatened Species Program shall be located within the Department of Conservation. All fines collected under this Act shall be paid to the State Treasurer and deposited in the Nongame Wildlife Conservation Fund.

Citation: 520 ILCS 10/10.

§ 13.1. (a) Not less than 5% of the voters in any district may petition the board of that district to levy, in addition to all other taxes which the board is now or may hereafter be authorized to levy, an annual tax for the purpose of providing staff, special educational programming, equipment, supplies, maintenance of facilities and equipment, and funding for research projects associated with endangered, threatened, and protected species, as defined by State and Federal law, of native Illinois fauna and flora. Upon the filing of such petition with the board of a district, the board shall adopt an ordinance calling for the referendum and setting forth the proposition of whether to levy such a tax. The clerk or secretary of the district shall certify the ordinance and the proposition to the proper election officials who shall submit the proposition to the voters of the district at a referendum in accordance with the general election law.

(b) If such tax is first approved at the referendum by a majority of voters voting on the issue, the board may levy the tax at a rate not to exceed .01% of the value, as equalized or assessed by the Department of Revenue, of taxable property in the district. Funds derived from the tax shall not be used for land acquisition or for the construction of permanent facilities.

(c) The board of any district may maintain within that district buildings and such other facilities as may be used for the protection and study of such fauna or flora, or permit the directors or trustees of any not for profit organization devoted to such purposes to maintain such facilities out of funds belonging to such not for profit organization, or to contract with the directors or trustees of any not for profit organization on such terms and conditions as the board may deem best, relative to the operation and maintenance of facilities for the protection and study of such fauna and flora within the District, out of the tax funds received from this Section.

Citation: 70 ILCS 410/13.1.

§ 4. (a) There is created the Illinois Wildlife Preservation Fund, a special fund in the State Treasury. The Department of Revenue shall determine annually the total amount contributed to such fund pursuant to this Act and shall notify the State Comptroller and the State Treasurer of such amount to be transferred to the Illinois Wildlife Preservation Fund, and upon receipt of such notification the State Comptroller shall transfer such amount.

(b) The Department of Natural Resources shall deposit any donations including federal reimbursements received for the purposes in the Illinois Wildlife Preservation Fund.

(c) The General Assembly may appropriate annually from the Illinois Wildlife Preservation Fund such monies credited to such fund from the check- off contribution system provided in this Act and from other funds received for the purposes of this Act, to the Department of Natural Resources to be used for the purposes of preserving, protecting, perpetuating and enhancing non-game wildlife in this State. Beginning with fiscal year 2006, 5% of the Illinois Wildlife Preservation Fund must be committed to or expended on grants by the Department of Natural Resources for the maintenance of wildlife rehabilitation facilities that take care of threatened or endangered species. For purposes of calculating the 5%, the amount in the Fund is exclusive of any federal funds deposited in or credited to the Fund or any amount deposited in the Fund under subsection (b) of Section 805-555 of the Department of Natural Resources (Conservation) Law. The Department shall establish criteria for the grants by rules adopted in accordance with the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act before January 1, 2006. However, no amount appropriated from the Illinois Wildlife Preservation Fund may be used by the Department of Natural Resources to exercise its power of eminent domain.

Citation: 30 ILCS 155/4.