Endangered Species - Funding Provisions - Hawaii

(a) There is established within the state treasury a trust fund to be known as the endangered species trust fund to be administered by the department to implement the purposes of this chapter.

The fund shall consist of moneys from the following sources:

(1) Moneys accrued from the sale of retail items officially sponsored by the department for the fund; 

(2) Private contributions for the management and recovery of Hawaii's unique plants and animals; 

(3) Fees and assessments charged for the commercial use of public land and waters and designated for the fund; 

(4) Penalties, fines, or auctions resulting from enforcement violations; 

(5) Legislative appropriations; and

(6) Moneys deposited to implement the obligations of a habitat conservation plan, as security for habitat conservation plan funding, or technical assistance program fees and payment for costs incurred for use of the technical assistance program as set forth in section 195D-23(d).

(b) The fund shall be held separate and apart from all other moneys, funds, and accounts in the state treasury; provided that moneys received as deposits or contributions from private sources shall be deposited and accounted for in accordance with the conditions established by the agencies or persons making the contribution. Earnings on the investment of the assets of the fund shall become a part of the fund. Any balance in the fund at the end of a fiscal year shall be carried forward to the next fiscal year.

Citation: HRS § 195D-31.

...(d) The department may establish a habitat conservation technical assistance program to assist landowners in developing, reviewing, or monitoring habitat conservation plans by providing technical assistance. The department may collect fees and payment for costs incurred for use of the technical assistance program in the development, review, or monitoring of a specific habitat conservation plan. Fees shall be charged at an hourly rate of $50. The fees and payment for costs collected pursuant to this subsection shall be deposited into the endangered species trust fund established under section 195D-31.

(e) Persons participating within voluntary programs under this chapter may receive consideration from the board to use adjacent public lands for commercial nature tourism activities that increase public education and support for endangered species(,) provided that an agreed percentage of the fees charged for nature tourism activities shall be donated to the trust fund to implement this chapter...

Citation: HRS § 195D-23.

(a) There is established within the department a program to financially benefit the environment by the development of environmentally-themed products such as collectible stamps, credit cards, and coins to be commercially sold to the public. The department may enter into contracts with private entities for the production of existing and new environmentally-themed products as the department deems appropriate.

(b) Each product developed under this program shall require the approval of the chairperson of the board of land and natural resources and the governor, after consultation with appropriate environmental organizations.

(c) Except for direct costs to administer, produce, and market the products, all revenues from the sale of products under this section shall be paid into the endangered species trust fund established pursuant to section 195D-31 to support programs of the department that:

(1) Benefit the environment; and

(2) Are related to the environmental theme of the product sold.

(d) The department shall submit an annual report of the program's products, costs, and revenues to the legislature no later than twenty days before the convening of each regular session.

Citation: HRS § 195D-5.5.