Endangered Species - Enforcement and Penalties - Rhode Island

(a) The director of environmental management and all enforcement personnel in the director's department, all members of the state police force, and all duly authorized city and town law enforcement authorities have power to enforce this law. They have authority under warrant to search for and seize any goods, merchandise or animal sold or offered for sale or otherwise used or possessed in violation of this section, or any property or item used in connection with a violation of this section; the seized goods, merchandise, wildlife, or property shall be held pending proceedings in any court of proper jurisdiction. Upon conviction of a violation, the seized goods, merchandise, or animals shall be forfeited and, upon forfeiture, either offered to a college or university for scientific or educational purposes, or destroyed. The possessor of an animal included under this chapter has the burden of proof that the animal or parts thereof are not held in violation of this chapter.

(b) Individuals in possession of the skins of endangered species must show that the skins were purchased or obtained prior to January 1, 1974.

Citation: Gen.Laws 1956, § 20-37-4.

Upon conviction of a violation of this chapter, the violator shall be fined no less than five hundred dollars ($500) nor more than five thousand dollars ($5,000) or imprisoned not exceeding one year, or both.;

Gen.Laws 1956, § 20-37-5.