Endangered Species - Definitions - Louisiana

For the purpose of this Part:

(1) "Native plant" shall mean any nonvascular or vascular plant occurring outside of cultivation, excluding species that are known to have escaped cultivation or to have been intentionally or unintentionally introduced from outside of Louisiana since European colonization.

(2) “Threatened or endangered species” shall mean any species of wildlife or native plant determined by the secretary of the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries or by the secretary of the Interior of the United States with concurrence by the Wildlife and Fisheries Commission to be of a class that requires protective regulation to prevent its extinction or the destruction or deterioration of its economic usefulness within this state, presently or in the foreseeable future.

(3) “Wildlife” shall mean all species of wild vertebrates, and invertebrates.

Citation: LSA-R.S. 56:1902.

...(3) “Natural area” shall mean an area of land, water, or air, or combination thereof, which contains an element of the state's natural diversity, including, but not limited to, individual plant or animal life, natural geological areas, unique natural communities, habitats of endangered or threatened species, ecosystems, or any other area of unique ecological, scientific or educational interest.

(4) “Natural area preserve” shall mean a natural area which is voluntarily dedicated...

Citation: LSA-R.S. 56:1863.