The Association is Soliciting Full Proposals for 2025 Multistate Conservation Grant Program

April 11, 2024

The Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies is soliciting Full Proposals for the 2025 Multistate Conservation Grant Program which funds projects that address regional or national level priorities of state fish and wildlife agencies. The deadline for submitting the Proposals for the 2025 cycle is June 7, 2024.

“The Multistate Conservation Grant Program provides vital funding to our state fish and wildlife agencies and partners to conserve our nation’s fish and wildlife populations crucial habitats, and other natural resources,” said Chuck Sykes, Director of the Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries and President of the Association. “We need these important investments for the future of conservation.”

There is a one-step submission process for the 2025 Multistate Conservation Grant Program.  Proposals will be ranked based on project qualifications, quality, and how they address the 2025 strategic priorities. Additional information can be found on the AFWA website, including FAQs, list of the 2025 Strategic Priorities, and the 2025 Notice of Funding Opportunity. You can sign up for the 2025 Full Multistate Conservation Grant Program Proposal Application/Budget Training online, taking place on May 9. Please submit proposals and questions to Silvana Yaroschuk at

The Multistate Conservation Grant Program is administered by the Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies in partnership with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Created through the Fish and Wildlife Administration Improvement Act of 2000, $6,000,000 from the Pittman-Robertson and Dingell-Johnson funds are made available annually for conservation projects impacting a majority of states. In addition, the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act was amended in 2020 providing an additional $5,000,000 focused on recruitment, retention, and reactivation of hunters and recreational shooters.  In addition to funding competitive conservation projects, the program also funds the National Survey on Hunting, Fishing and Wildlife Associated Recreation, the nation’s most important wildlife participation and related economic impact database.


The Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies represents North America’s fish and wildlife agencies to advance sound, science-based management and conservation of fish and wildlife and their habitats in the public interest. The Association represents its state agency members on Capitol Hill and before the Administration to advance favorable fish and wildlife conservation policy and funding and works to ensure that all entities work collaboratively on the most important issues. The Association also provides member agencies with coordination services on cross-cutting as well as species-based programs that range from birds, fish habitat and energy development to climate change, wildlife action plans, conservation education, leadership training and international relations. Working together, the Association’s member agencies are ensuring that North American fish and wildlife management has a clear and collective voice.