The Association Applauds the Senate for Unanimous Passage of ACE Act Reauthorization

May 10,  2024

The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (Association) enthusiastically applauds the Senate for passing the America’s Conservation Enhancement Reauthorization Act of 2024, S 3791. This week, the Senate passed the bill by unanimous consent, showing complete support for reauthorization of some of the nation’s most successful conservation programs including the National Fish Habitat Partnership (NFHP) and the North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA).

“Thank you to Chairman Carper (D-DE), Ranking Member Capito (R-WV), and the many bipartisan cosponsors for championing the bill,” said Chuck Sykes, Director of the Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries and President of the Association. “The unanimous support for this legislation is exactly the bipartisan commitment we should see for conservation that enhances habitats, ensures healthy populations, and provides greater opportunities for hunters and anglers.”

Since its inception in 1981, NAWCA has put more than 3,200 projects on the ground in North America thanks to almost $4.3 billion from partners, leveraging federal dollars more than 2-1 to conserve and restore almost 32 million acres of wetlands. Meanwhile, NFHP’s 20 regional partnerships have already led to over 1,500 successful conservation projects in all 50 states for the benefit of fish, their habitats, and anglers throughout the country.

“NFHP continues to be one of the most effective and highly leveraged conservation programs in the nation,” said Robert Boyles, Chair of the National Fish Habitat Board and Director of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. “Reauthorization and increased resources for NFHP will mean even more voluntary projects between state, federal, NGO, and private partners to reverse declining fish populations and enhance aquatic habitats.”

In addition to extensions through 2030 and increased funding authorizations for NFHP and NAWCA, if passed by the House and enacted, the bill would continue programs for conservation of the Chesapeake Bay, efforts to combat aquatic invasive species under the Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act, funding for livestock depredation compensation and prevention, continuation of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and establishment of the Chronic Wasting Disease Task Force.

The Association also thanks the bipartisan cosponsors who made unanimous passage of this legislation possible: Sens. Cardin (D-MD), Boozman (R-AR), Padilla (D-CA), Wicker (R-MS), Whitehouse (D-RI), Mullin (R-OK), Van Hollen (D-MD), Cassidy (R-LA), Wyden (D-OR), Hyde-Smith (R-MS), Graham (R-SC), Peters (D-MI), King (I-ME) and Barrasso (R-WY).


The Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies represents North America’s fish and wildlife agencies to advance sound, science-based management and conservation of fish and wildlife and their habitats in the public interest. The Association represents its state agency members on Capitol Hill and before the Administration to advance favorable fish and wildlife conservation policy and funding and works to ensure that all entities work collaboratively on the most important issues. The Association also provides member agencies with coordination services on cross-cutting as well as species-based programs that range from birds, fish habitat and energy development to climate change, wildlife action plans, conservation education, leadership training and international relations. Working together, the Association’s member agencies are ensuring that North American fish and wildlife management has a clear and collective voice.