Resident Game Bird Working Group

Committee Charge

The Resident Game Bird Work Group provides national leadership on issues related to resident game birds by:

  • Encouraging and coordinating partnerships that integrate the various bird conservation plans, game and nongame, and their delivery via projects on the ground;
  • Serving as a forum for discussion of key issues and policy actions that impact resident game bird management and conservation, and providing leadership in consensus and partnership building among bird conservation professionals;
  • Ensuring representation of resident game birds in decisions and discussions of the AFWA Bird Conservation Committee, as well as the North American Bird Conservation Initiative (NABCI), and providing recommendations and guidance on key issues concerning resident game bird management and conservation to the Committee and NABCI.
  • Promoting, protecting and enhancing the future of resident game bird hunting as part of our hunting heritage, while working to conserve the species-specific resources and their habitats that are under our stewardship.

Work Group Contact Information

Work Group Chair
Todd Bishop, Head, Wildlife Bureau, Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Work Group Vice-Chair
Shaun Oldenburger, Small Game Program Director, Wildlife Division, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

AFWA Staff Member
Susana Mateos