Migratory Shore & Upland Game Bird Working Group

Committee Charge

The Migratory Shore and Upland Game Bird Working Group works closely with the Bird Conservation Committee, the Flyway Councils, interagency advisory groups, and the Department of the Interior to identify problems and management opportunities regarding migratory shore and upland game birds. The working group should develop objectives and strategies for solving problems and addressing management challenges.

The working group recognizes the international nature of managing migratory shore and upland game birds and supports those initiatives that involve international negotiations. 

AFWA Annual Meeting Agendas and Minutes:

Septemeber 2022 Meeting Draft Agenda
Septemeber 2022 Meeting Notes

September 2020 Meeting Summary
AFWA September 2018 Meeting Summary

North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference Agendas and Minutes:

March 2022 Draft Meeting Agenda
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March 2021 Draft Meeting Agenda
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29 March 2018 Meeting Notes
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Task Forces and Affiliated Groups

National Dove Task Force
Woodcock Task Force
Harvest Information Program Work Group
Bird Conservation Committee

Contact Information

Working Group Chair
Alicia Hardin, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

Working Group Vice-Chair
Shaun Oldenburger, Texas Parks and Wildlife

AFWA Staff Contact
Susana Mateos