Federal Assistance Coordinators Subcommittee

The Working Subcommittee (hereafter referred to as Subcommittee) was established by action of the full Grants-in-Aid (GIA) Committee of the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (IAFWA) at their meeting in Washington, D.C. on January 24, 1978. This action was taken as a means to provide State input on the regulations and policies guiding federal assistance (FA) programs administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Federal Assistance Division (FWS-FA). Since that time, the Subcommittee has been consulted when State input based upon a detailed working knowledge of FA programs is desirable.

Subcommittee Charge

  1. Provide recommendations for and complete assignments made by the FWTFC Chair.
  2. Provide WSFR a means for early review and recommendations for new actions or revisions to WSFR program, procedures, policies and/or legislation.
  3. Solicit input from State FA Coordinators on topics applicable to FWTFC meeting agenda topicsand WSFR program management and provide that input to FWTFC Chair and WSFR RegionalChiefs during regularly scheduled meetings.
  4. To ensure consistent WSFR program administration and new program implementation; provide technical guidance and assistance to WSFR on matters such as updates to the WSFR Toolkit and FA wiki website, implementation of Director’s Orders, identification of State training needs, “trouble-shooting” existing practices and recommending solutions.
  5. Identify emerging issues that may result from audits or new funding.
  6. Inform other State FA Coordinators in respective region of all FAC Working Group activities.


One Federal Assistance Coordinator (FAC) and one alternate from each FWS Region (except for Regions 1, 7, and 8 – where one FAC is chosen to represent all three regions). It is recommended that FAC Working Group members have a working knowledge of both the biological and administrative aspects of FA programs. Membership will generally rotate on a three-year basis with the alternate shadowing the previous subcommittee member during their third year. Regions may adopt shorter or longer lengths of tenure if accepted by a majority of Federal Assistance Coordinators in the Region.

Subcommittee Contact

AFWA Contact
Silvana Yaroschuk
(202) 838 3467

FAC Committee Chair
Matthew Warriner

FAC Committee Vice Chair
Adam Brooks