Wind Energy Web Resources

United States: Industry, Trade
and Advocacy Associations

American Wind Energy Association

American Wind Wildlife Institute

Electric Power Research Institute

National Wind Coordinating Committee (NWCC)

Northwest SEED
[Sustainable Energy for Economic Development]

Northwestern U.S. Wind Mapping Project

Renewable Energy Atlas of the West

Utility Wind Resource Group


International: Industry, Trade and Advocacy Associations

Australian Wind Energy Association

British Wind Energy Association

Canadian Wind Energy Association

Danish Wind Industry Association

European Wind Energy Association

German Wind Energy Association

Irish Wind Energy Association

South African Wind Energy Association


U.S. Government Agencies

US Bureau of Land Management
Lands & Realty Wind Energy -

Wind Energy Development Programmatic EIS
Information Center

US DOE National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Avian literature database

National Wind Technology Center

Renewable Resource Data Center

Wind Energy Resource Atlas of the United States

US DOE Office of Energy Efficiency
and Renewable Energy

Wind Energy Program

Wind Powering America

US DOE Sandia National Laboratories

Wind Energy Technology

US Fish and Wildlife Service

Wind Energy


U.S. State Agencies

Hawaii Wind Energy Fact Sheet

Iowa Energy Center

Minnesota Wind Energy Resources and Information

Minnesota Wind Turbine Siting

New Mexico Wind Energy

Pennsylvania Guide to Wind Energy Resources

Texas Wind Power Project


International Government Agencies

UK Crown Estate Offshore Electricity

UK Offshore Wind Energy Industry

UK Department of Trade and Industry

Offshore Wind Energy Strategic Environmental Assessment


Non-Governmental Organizations

Audubon of Kansas

Wind Energy in Kansas (

American Bird Conservency policy.htm 

Wildlife Management Institute

Wind Energy & Wildlife: An Attempt at Pragmatism

Industrial Wind Action Group


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Kathy Boydston
512/ 921-1503

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