AFWA Wind Energy Priority Activities

Wind Power Siting Regulations and Wildlife Guidelines in the United States
The Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies has produced a compilation of existing state authorities and processes affecting wind power development (including legislation, regulations, implementing agency(ies) for regulations, status of guidance or proposed guidance, incentives (financial assistance, renewable portfolio standards, etc.) and current siting/assessment protocols from each state that has developed one.

"Wind Power Siting Regulations and Wildlife Guidelines in the United States" - PDF

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Wind Turbine Guidelines Advisory Committee
At the federal level, in 2003, the USFWS issued voluntary interim guidelines to avoid and minimize wildlife impacts. The Service established a federal advisory committee to review and revise its draft national guidance with major stakeholders on which the Association participated.

American Wind Wildlife Institute
The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agency is as a founding member of the American Wind Wildlife Institute (AWWI). AWWI's mission is to facilitate timely and responsible development of wind energy while protecting wildlife and wildlife habitat.

The National Wind Coordinating Collaborative
The National Wind Coordinating Collaborative (NWCC) is a U.S. consensus-based collaborative formed in 1994 that identifies issues that affect the use of wind power, establishes dialogue among key stakeholders, and catalyzes appropriate activities to support the development of environmentally, economically and politically sustainable commercial markets for wind power. The Association is engaged with NWCC through its Wildlife Work Group.

American Wind Energy Association
The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) is the national trade association for the wind energy industry. The Association is engaged in a discussion with this group on several potential projects including a mapping exercise to overlay important habitat areas with areas with the best wind resources.



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