The Southern Wings Program

Conserving State Priority Birds on their Wintering Grounds in Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC)

State fish and wildlife agencies spend considerable time, money and effort ensuring good bird habitat. Southern Wings is a partnership of state agencies that support the common vision of providing a funding mechanism for bird conservation projects in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Southern Wings provides a funding mechanism that:

  • Is solidly based on the biology that exists about birds that occur in the states and also spend time on Latin American /Caribbean (LAC) wintering grounds
  • Allows for relatively easy and seamless financial participation by interested states
  • Requires progress and accomplishment reports to the states
  • Achieves the benefits of match and leverage of state funds

The Western Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies, Southeastern Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies and Midwest Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies are pooling money for their respective member states. The American Bird Conservancy pools money for states in other areas of the country that wish to participate.



AFWA Staff Contact
Deb Hahn at 202/838-3458


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Southern Wings Update - November 2015

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