Program Administration

AFWA’s Bird Conservation Committee provides a home for the Southern Wings. The Bird Conservation Committee identified a Leadership Committee to provide day-to-day leadership and address specific issues as they arise.

The Leadership Committee is chaired by a state wildlife agency that is the lead on the development and implementation of Southern Wings. The membership of the Committee includes state wildlife agency members, NGO members and federal agency members that can help support and guide the program.

Each year, a Technical Committee is established to review and recommend projects. The Southern Wings Technical Committee will participate on behalf of the states in formulating recommendations for projects in which to invest state funds. To ensure delivery, no investment recommendation will be made without the mutual endorsement of the Technical Committee, the state agency who provided the funds and the partner NGO.

Every state agency that contributes to the Southern Wings Program has the option of appointing a representative to the Technical Committee. At a minimum, each Regional Association will have at least one state represented on the Technical Committee. NGO and Federal partners can play an advisory role for the Technical Committee.

The Western Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies, Southeastern Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies and Midwest Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies are pooling money for their respective member states. Those states within the Northeast Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies can send money directly to a third party U.S. NGO.




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