MSCGP Grant Selection Process & Forms

The Association solicits grant proposals from state agencies, regional associations and NGOs and selects its "priority list" of recommendations at AFWA's Annual Meeting. Those priorities are forwarded to the USFWS which awards grants only to projects on the list.

Step 1:
In November, the Association sends a request to committees and the four regional associations of fish and wildlife agencies soliciting National Conservation Needs (NCNs). NCNs are the foundation of the MSCGP and establish the states’ priorities for the grant cycle. Each AFWA committee is allowed to submit one NCN.

Step 2:
In March, state directors of fish and wildlife agencies select NCNs from priorities proposed by AFWA's committees and the regional associations.

Step 3:
In early April, the Association distributes an Announcement of Opportunity to solicit Letters of Intent (LOIs) to address the selected NCNs. An LOI is a condensed version of the full proposal. LOIs are due in early May to the MSCGP Coordinator.

Step 4:
Based upon submitted Letters of Intent, the most competitive applicants will be notified in early July and invited to submit full proposals and the required federal forms, due in August. 
Step 5:
At AFWA's Annual Meeting in September, state directors select a “priority list of projects,” which is submitted to the USFWS by October 1.

Step 6:
The USFWS announces grant awards typically in December, with grant funding available starting January 1.


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