Wildlife Viewing & Bird Conservation Webinar Series

In 2013, AFWA's Bird Conservation Committee hosted a series of webinars that explored the role of wildlife viewers in conserving birds.

Engaging Wildlife Viewers in Bird Conservation Webinar Series

August 20, 2013: Wildlife Viewing & Nature Tourism within Fish and Wildlife Agencies
Bill Reeves, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
Jerrie Lindsey & Anne Glick, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
> View the PowerPoint presentation
> Listen to the webinar's audio
> View the final report of the 2013 Wildlife Viewing & Nature Tourism Survey

June 4, 2013: Inspiring Wildlife Viewers to Conservation Action 
Mark Duda, Executive Director, Responsive Management
> View Mark’s PowerPoint
> Listen to the Webinar’s audio 

July 23, 2013: 
Using Wildlife Viewing Programs to Advance State Fish & Wildlife Agency Bird Conservation Goals
Joe Yarchin & Edwin Juarez, Arizona Game and Fish Department. Nancy Douglass, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Julie Wraithmell, Audubon Florida
> View AZ’s PowerPoint 
> View FL’s PowerPoint 
> Listen to the Webinar’s audio

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