American Wind Wildlife Institute

In September 2008, the membership approved the Association of Fish & Wildlife Agency's role as a founding member of the American Wind Wildlife Institute (AWWI).

AWWI's mission is to facilitate timely and responsible development of wind energy while protecting wildlife and wildlife habitat. To date, 13 wind energy companies and eight wildlife/conservation organizations have joined the Institute.

AWWI has four key initiatives:

Wildlife Research: AWWI will identify and pursue key research questions. Information from data collected will be used to assist industry and decision makers in making informed siting decisions in relation to wildlife issues.

Sustainable Growth Planning (Landscape Mapping): Maps will be developed that will identify both sensitive wildlife areas at potential wind development sites and large areas that are likely to have low wildlife risk where wind development could be prioritized for project development at state and regional scales.

Biodiversity Banking: Cost-effective and predictable regional mitigation banking solutions will be developed to address the impacts of large scale growth of the wind industry.

Education/Outreach/Training: AWWI will educate regional wind industry trade associations, conservation/ environmental organizations and government agencies on the mission of AWWI and results of wildlife research findings. AWWI will also share lessons learned and success stories for industry and wildlife conservation organizations to use in publications and other media campaigns.

For more information, visit AWWI’s website at


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