What Is the Alliance for America’s Fish & Wildlife?

The Alliance for America’s Fish & Wildlife’s purpose is to create a 21st century funding model for much needed conservation of our most precious natural resources, our fish and wildlife.

This effort has expanded out of the strong partnership created by the Blue Ribbon Panel on Sustaining America’s Diverse Fish & Wildlife Resources and consists of members representing the outdoor recreation, retail and manufacturing sector, the energy and automotive industries, private landowners, educational institutions, conservation organizations, sportsmen’s groups and state and federal fish and wildlife agencies.

For nearly 80 years, hunters and anglers have provided critical funding for state-based fish and wildlife conservation and in partnership with state wildlife managers have enjoyed many species recovery successes on the ground. The proposed increased funding from existing royalties on energy and mineral development on federal lands and waters will complement those contributions, but existing hunter and angler sourced funding and the programs they support will not be affected.

Without the funding to implement the states’ wildlife action plans, it leaves the states without the ability to conserve the full array of fish and wildlife that add significantly to our quality of life and prevent more species from becoming endangered. A lot is at stake if we don’t act soon. Every American benefits when we have healthy and accessible fish and wildlife.

We need to start down a new path where we invest proactively in conservation rather than reactively. We invite you to join us in our quest to advance a 21st century vision for conservation of our valuable natural resources.

Press Release:
Alliance for America's Fish & Wildlife Combines Leaders in Outdoor Recreation, Energy, Retail, Academia, Conservation & More for 21st -century Wildlife Conservation Funding

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> Membership Sign-Up for the Alliance for America's Fish & Wildlife
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> General Fact Sheet

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AFWA Staff Contact:
Sean Saville
Campaign Manager
Alliance for America's Fish & Wildlife

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