Leadership and Technical Committees

A partnership of state wildlife agencies conserving state priority migratory birds in Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean

The Leadership Committee provides day-to-day leadership as needed to the Program between meetings of the Bird Conservation Committee. The Leadership Committee was originally created to develop the Program in 2008 and continues to function as the leadership body.

The Technical Committee is composed of state agency members. Every state agency and regional association that participates in the Program can nominate someone to the Technical Committee. The Technical Committee provides technical advice on projects and works together to help guide the Program. Members of both Committees are listed below.

Leadership Committee
Jim Devos, Chair (Arizona Game and Fish
Brad Jacobs (Missouri Department of Conservation)
Craig Thompson (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)
Greg Wathen (Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency)
Edwin Juarez (Arizona Game and Fish Department)
Guy Foulks (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
David Pashley (American Bird Conservancy)
Greg Butcher (U.S. Forest Service International Program)
Dave Mehlman (The Nature Conservancy)

Technical Committee
Edwin Juarez (Arizona Game and Fish Department)
Craig Thompson (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)
Brad Jacobs (Missouri Department of Conservation)
Doug Gross (Pennsylvania Game Commission)
Eileen Dowd-stukel (South Dakota Fish and Wildlife Department)
Mark Howery (Oklahoma Game and Fish)
Joel Jorgenson (Nebraska Game and Parks Commission)
Karen Rowe (Arkansas Game and Fish Commission)
Bruce Ehresman (Iowa Department of Natural Resources)
Carrol Henderson (Minnesota Department of Natural Resources)
Scott Somershoe (Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency)
Cliff Shackelford (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department)
Drew Vitz (Massachusetts Department of Game and Fish)
Sara Schweitzer (North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission)
John Castrale (Indiana Department of Natural Resources)
Chris Berens (Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks)




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